3 of the best headphones for traveling you need in your life!

The best wireless headphones perfect for all your travel needs.

So I must say by now I have traveled a fairly decent amount of time, not in a "braggy" way just a I know what traveling entails and how to survive it all. I mean I recently had an awesome international trip with a baby and didn't have a melt down. The general tips are be prepared with check lists. You do not wanna be frantically packing the night before a big trip and my second tip is one which comes in handy on long layovers and if you like me and have the occasional panic attack. MUSIC! MEDITATION ! SERIES! HEADPHONES!

So you want to listen to music on a plane, or simply drown out the noise around you? The right travel headphones will allow you to achieve both of these feats. When shopping for new wireless headphones, consider a few of these options to purchase.

The Quiet-Comfort series is a great option. Over the ear design, cupped/padded for a comfortable fit, noise isolation (if listening to music), and cancellation to block out the noise around you. Costly – yes. But, well worth the investment if you travel often and desire quality, comfort, and peace of mind.

Sennheiser HD 
A German-brand delivers on quality, fit, and comfort. Like Bose, they have an over the ear fit, and are fully padded, so your ears won’t get numb or feel pain, even with hours of use. They feature noise cancellation and isolation, bass control, and high-volume levels, so you can block out noise. An over the head arc also has padding on the interior, to keep you feeling comfortable, regardless of how long you wear the headphones.

Beats Executive 
This is a third option to consider. Over the ear design, fully padded, but only noise isolation (no full noise cancellation). With this being said, you can sync with Bluetooth to answer calls, hook up with a laptop to watch a movie, or simply block out the noise around you. Comfortable, light, and fairly affordable, especially given the high prices of most Beats headphones.

For those who like to keep to themselves when traveling, rather than listen to stories from the person sitting next to them, travel headphones are a must. These are some of the top models and brands to consider, if you are looking for quality, and a pair of headphones which are built to last, so you can use them on several trips to come. 

I would love to hear your tips on either the best headphones you love to travel with 
or your life saving traveling tips, share them below in
the comments.

Life update! Motherhood, Matteo, morning mindfulness and more

Hey babes,

I swear I feel like I haven't updated you guys on the BTS life in perhaps over 4 months. Its really been a great end of 2017 and start to 2018. Matteo walks now, like full on no wobbly man walking. His favorite thing to do though is run with his hands behind his back to see how far he can get before falling. (utter nightmare for me, total happiness for him)

I have been loving setting mini goals first thing in the morning. Its basically the only way I have been able to get things done. Simple goals like drink boiling water in the am, meditate for 5 minutes, get Matteo snacks etc. Simple but effective.

The app reflections has been my favorite way to journal these days. It asks questions which prompts you to memorize the highs and special moments. So I have been incorporating more of that into my daily life.

I am still a bit quiet on social media 100% due to phone issues. Its possibly been the most socially boring months of my life ha!

I will be traveling to Porto again to see the fam bam. We so excited. I am working on my self confidence so this time around there can actually be more pictures of me. I slowly came to realize there was basically 3 pictures of me in Portugal and 99% of them were candid shots or group pictures. Which is a huge sign of my lack of self confidence.

 I thinks that's all for now, but here's something for you what has been 1 awesome thing that's already happened this year?

My absolute best tips to help improve your sleep pattern

The best tips for improving sleep patterns by Meghan Silva

If you have a hard time falling asleep, or if you have a hard time getting back to sleep after waking up at night you might be looking for solutions to improve sleep patterns. These are some things you can attempt, if you have troubles sleeping, or staying asleep at night.

Routine –
You can’t go to bed at 10 PM for two nights, then 7 PM the next, and 2 AM a few nights later. Your body won’t get used to it. Choose a bedtime, stick to it (as closely as possible) and make it routine. Even on the weekends! The more you keep a pattern, the easier your body will adjust, and will “know” when it should be asleep.

Sunrise clocks –
Sunrise alarm clocks are a great option as well. They help set ambient lighting in a room, they wake you up slowly (mimic the sunrise), and thus make the whole waking up process much smoother. You can set soothing sounds, alarms, and other settings, for your specific needs. Click here for more information on wake up alarm clocks.

Dark –
Keep the room dark. A TV in the room, open blinds, or even light seeping in under a door crack, can impact your sleep. So, the darker you can keep it, and the less light you have infiltrating into the room, the easier it is going to be for you to fall, and to stay asleep at night.

In the event you suffer from a chronic or sleep condition, it is possible medication may be an option. So, consider discussing this with your doctor as well, to discuss the possibility of different medications or devices for sleep.

Regardless of what is causing sleep disturbances, a few simple changes can help improve length and quality of sleep. These are some things to try, if you are having a hard time falling, staying asleep, or both.

The best tips for improving sleep patterns by Meghan Silva

Have any tips of your own for getting into an amazing sleep pattern please share in the comments below, I'd love to hear them.

Can we talk about being effortlessly stylish for a minute...

Maximum style, minimum effort

Whatever your social calendar throws at you, you’ll naturally want to look your best. Dresses retailer QUIZ has news for you — finding the perfect look doesn’t have to take hours! Here, QUIZ explains the trick to looking effortlessly stylish this season:

Must-have Knitwear

The weather means we’re rarely seen without our trusty knits! This season, it’s all about cableknit, stripes and oversized jumpers. Having some staple knitwear pieces in your wardrobe is essential for the colder months and can keep your outfits on fleek.

Statement knit #1: the jumper dress

With their relaxed look and cosy feel, jumper dresses are the perfect pairing with chunky tights for colder days. There is no time wasted choosing matching garments and with long, knitted sleeves, there’s no need to scour your closet for a complementing coat either.
You can dress your look up too with a pair of heeled over-the-knee boots, perfect for day-to-evening glamour. If you’re in the mood to show off your curves, wrap a chunky belt around your dress to nip your waist in.

Statement knit #2: turtle necks

Layer you knits for an effortlessly cool look this season. Layering is pretty self-explanatory and is achieved by wearing a polo neck underneath a square-necked top or dress. Couple with your favourite pair of jeans and an ankle boot to fully master the look.
You can even take your layered look to the office too. A blazer and turtle neck combo is the perfect choice for a more formal look.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots return year after year, and who can be surprised!? They’re effortlessly stylish, super comfortable and oh-so on-trend. Sock boots are huge this season. They feature a pointed toe, high heel and textured fabric that fits to the ankle. They are pull-on for extra ease and can be paired with jeans during the day time and a stylish skirt for a night on the town.
If you’re struggling with colours, stick to black — they’ll go with almost anything. Choose a pair with a chunky heel so that they’re suitable for day and night time.


Of course, one of the easiest ways to transform any outfit is with the right accessories.
This season, it’s all about statement earrings. Tassels, chunky metal and huge hoops (yep, they’re still on trend) are all acceptable this autumn/winter and can be matched with most outfits. Choose a black or gold pair and keep them in your bag to slip in for after-work drinks.
Luggage wise, choose small, leather bags or backpacks; they’ll add a practical finishing touch to any outfit. Black is an ideal option to go for if you’re hoping to use it every day; buy one with a cute pattern on to keep things interesting. Or purchase a brightly coloured one such as red or gold and buy matching shoes – pair with jeans and a dressy top for a cute look.
Once you know what you should be wearing, pulling off that effortlessly stylish look becomes even easier!


Sending love & light and plenty stylish vibes till next time,

Happy 2018... better late than never, right?

Hi my loves,

Happy 2018!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my blog and social media hiatus. I started having major anxiety about the whole thing. I am a true believer that breaks of all kinds, mental, vacations or simple changes can renew ones spirit. That's exactly what I needed. If you a long time reader you will know I became mom and I was trying to balance life in all its glory. But motherhood is not for the fainthearted and it really threw me off my game. Weight gain, lack of general oomph to name a few. But I am thrilled to let you know I made it through the funk. I feel renewed. 

Hope your year has started on a happy note.

Sending love & light
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