My favorite Beauty D.I.Y.s ... the recap.

If you have been a long time reader you know how much I live for beauty D.I.Y.S.

The more I can understand what I am putting on my body and skin the better. I have literally been a guinea pig for this blog. My parents always laugh and say my word you seriously will try anything (as I a walk around with turmeric on my face and brightly yellow stained turmeric teeth). As I have said before i LIVE for a good natural beauty alternative and when it actually delivers on some good results I rejoice like I have won the lotto. 

There has been many and I mean many disappointments but omg the good one's have really changed the beauty game for me.

One thing I always get compliments about is my skin but as we all know it takes a generous amount of effort to get the right regime going. Which is why I love a beauty d.i.y. it can be custom made to your skin, hair and body needs. My current skincare regime involves face dry brushing, a d.i.y. skin toner, grape seed oil,a anti marks drugstore cream and the occasional face mask its simple and works for me. As you can tell its pretty much 80% natural for me right now. I am currently craving something more powerful for my ever increasing wrinkles but for now that's what I have found to work. 

Without seriously going on a wrinkle infused ramble here are some of my favorite beauty d.i.y.s.

10 Unusual uses for coconut oil

10 totally unusual uses for coconut oil, some might totally surprise you.

We already know Coconut oil is amazing as an oil treatment and its amazing as a skin moisturizer with many skin benefits like anti aging properties and more, but what is some other  uses of coconut oil?. I will be sharing 10 unusual uses for coconut oil.

This weeks update | Matteo's first Easter and more

There is something about holidays that doesn't make Matteo so happy. It might be the busyness or just whatever's in the air but Matty was not a happy camper this weekend. His mood happened to change when my parents showed up with Easter eggs though. We didn't do much for Easter besides eating tons of pickle fish and having way to many Easter eggs. It was great catching up with my siblings because they are always working 12 hours a day or more. Other than that here is a few updates of the past week.

March favorites. Food | books | baby products and more

My March 2017 month favorites , bennetts bum cream, kielhs hair products, The mircacle morning, Freeletics, Viva video and more by Meghan Silva

I absolutely love favorite videos, I haven't actually read many favorite posts though and even though I have been wanting to start a YouTube channel, its been a hassle finding the time. So I decided to post about my monthly favorites right here.They include a variety of hair care, baby product, books, Phone friendly video editing apps and more..

Without further delays these are my March favorites. (See what I did there ;)

I took a mini social media break, this is what happened.

My experience on going phoneless for a weekend. I switched my phone off, what happened next totally surprised me. | beauty and lifestyle blogger Meghan Silva | instagram @meghanssilva

I have been finding myself totally addicted to being on my phone, basically living vicariously through Instagram and YouTube. It eventually dawned on me that I wasn't actually present in my actual life. I wasn't achieving my goals at a pace I really needed to. So I basically started a weekend phone off promise to myself.Starting this past weekend.

How did I manage? well keep reading.

I switched my phone off, what happened next totally surprised .| beauty and lifestyle blogger Meghan Silva | instagram @meghanssilva

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